Upper Lydbrook, Severn and Wye/Dean Forest Railway Stations - Railways of the Forest of Dean

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Upper Lydbrook
Situated at the heart of the Lydbrook valley, the station opened with the start of S&W passenger operations in November 1875. The station was equipped with the standard station buildings and a crossing loop. There was also a goods yard behind the station. The layout was modified in 1891 to accommodate developments at a nearby colliery.

The station was a little more accessible than Lower Lydbrook, but the approach road did give problems, mainly due to the fact that it was not a public highway and no one would assume responsibility for maintenance. A new road built from Joys Green to Upper Lydbrook around 1900 solved part of the problem, but created a new problem with a level crossing just south of the station. Unable to stop the construction of the crossing, the S&W had to modify the station yet again.

With the closure of Lower Lydbrook in 1903, some of that station's duties were transferred to Upper Lydbrook. Passenger services ceased in 1929 and the section of the branch from Lydbrook Junction to Mierystock was closed at the beginning of 1956.

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