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Perrygrove Railway
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The Perrygrove Railway is a 15-inch gauge railway located just south of Coleford.  It is 3/4 of a mile in length, with three stations and one request stop.  It is open at weekends and daily during school holidays.   It has no historical connection with any of the other lines covered by this site, although the Coleford-Parkend line route ran a short distance to the east of the site of the railway.

Formerly a farm, the site was purchased by Michael Crofts in the early 1990s, with a view to setting up a narrow gauge railway.  An offer to construct  a 15-inch gauge locomotive for the railway was accepted (this locomotive would become "Spirit of Adventure"), and thus the railway was constructed to this  gauge.  Construction began in 1995, and the line opened to the public on the 1st August 1996.

Starting at Perrygrove station, the line initially heads north towards Coleford, then turns 180 degrees before arriving at Rookwood.  From there, the line proceeds southwards, passing behind Perrygrove at a higher level, before another 180 degree turn brings into the other terminus of the line, Oakiron.   Here the locomotives run round for the return journey.

The line changed ownership in 2014, the new owner being David Nelson-Brown.  
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