Lower Lydbrook/Lydbrook Viaduct. Severn and Wye/Dean Forest Railway Stations - Railways of the Forest of Dean

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Lower Lydbrook, Lydbrook Viaduct
The north end of the village of Lydbrook was served by this station, but was little more than a halt at the best of times and by the beginning of 1903 was an unmanned request stop. There was no road access and the footpath to the station was steep, testing the stamina of passengers. The station's significance to the S&W lay in the sidings to two local industries.

The station didn't even survive to see the closure of passenger services; its closure occurred in April 1903, although some good facilities did remain, being serviced from Upper Lydbrook.

Just to the north of the station was Lydbrook Viaduct, which crossed the valley over the village to take the line to Lydbrook Junction.  It was completed in August 1874 and was 187 yards in length at a maximum height of 90 ft.  The viaduct was removed in 1965, having not been used since the line's closure in 1956.

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