Coleford, Severn and Wye/Dean Forest Railway Stations - Railways of the Forest of Dean

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Coleford (Severn & Wye)
The Severn & Wye opened the line to  Coleford in 1879, eight years ahead of the GWR line from Monmouth. Situated at  the south end of the town, the S&W station facilities were basic compared to  the GWR station built in 1883, and despite a serious fire in July 1918, the  station facilities were not upgraded until 1924, five years before the passenger  services on the S&W were halted north of Lydney. For some unknown reason,  the idea of moving into the GWR station which had been abandoned at the end of  1916 was never implemented for unknown reasons.

The relationship between the S&W and GWR  was not brilliant, with the provision of connecting sidings being delayed as  long as possible (a condition of both lines was that through bookings and  facilities should be provided when the connection between the two lines was  completed). Although the GWR was beaten to Coleford, it provided the far  superior facilities, suggesting that in the case the S&W made the mistake of  thinking that because they were first, they would be favoured. The purchase of  the S&W by the joint committee of the GWR and MR eased thing a little, but  by the beginning of the First World War, interchanging between the two lines was  still difficult.

The closure of the GWR line in 1916 left the  S&W with the section of line between Coleford (GWR) Station and Whitecliff  Quarry to operate. The junction with the GWR line was rather complex and  required at least four reversals; however, it was not until 1951 that the  complex arrangement was eased for the Whitecliff Quarry  traffic.

The Coleford branch closed in 1967 and today  the site of the Coleford stations is a car park, although the old S&W goods  shed has been converted into a railway  museum.
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