Cinderford, Severn and Wye/Dean Forest Railway Stations - Railways of the Forest of Dean

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Despite being one of the major towns of the Forest of Dean, Cinderford did not get a convenient station until July 1900. It had taken the S&W over a quarter of century to move station facilities from Drybrook Rd via another station at Bilson to a new station built on Cinderford's recreation area.

However, at Cinderford the S&W came into direct competition with the GWR's Forest of Dean line and, having a part share in the S&W, the GWR decided that both lines could use the station, so a spur was built from the Forest of Dean line to the Cinderford Extension. With the FoD line being a more direct route to Gloucester, the S&W found it difficult to compete and thus it was no surprise that the passenger service closure in 1929 extended to Cinderford, a fact that Cinderford residents didn't seem too bothered about as they still had the service via Newnham. Goods services via the S&W from Cinderford remained until 1951, when the line from Serridge Junction to Cinderford was closed. After this, the GWR had sole access to Cinderford, but not for very much longer. Passenger services on the Forest of Dean Railway were withdrawn in November 1958 and closed to almost all goods traffic in 1966. The station was demolished in 1968, a feat accomplished by deliberately gutting the buildings by fire and demolishing what was left.

Today, the area around the Cinderford lines has been built on, although some of the track formations can still be seen. The station area is now a housing estate.

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