January 2012

The line is featured in series three of Michael Portillo's "Great Railway Journeys", with Charlbury, Moreton and Pershore stations being shown.

The on-going Worcester Parkway scheme is raised yet again by local MP Peter Luff.

April - May 2012

Class 180 DMUs begin to be re-introduced to the line after an absence of around three years.

Proposals are made to close ticket offices at up to 700 stations, with Evesham possibly being one of them.

28th June 2012

LNER A1 class no. 60163 travels the line on a "Cathedrals' Express" tour (not visually confirmed by author due to work commitments).

October 2012 to May 2013

Steam locomotives visually confirmed by the author on the line during this period:

GWR "Castle" Class no 5043 "Earl Of Mount Edgcumbe"- 20th October
LMS "Princess Royal" Class no 6201 "Princess Elizabeth" -  1st December
SR "Battle of Britain Class no. 34067 "Tangmere" - 9th March, 2013
SR "Battle of Britain Class no. 34067 "Tangmere" - 4th March, 2013

BR Standard 7P no 70000 "Britannia" also ran a tour on the 19th December, but a combination of bad weather and other commitments meant the author was unable to photograph this tour

December 2013

Despite earlier reports, First Great Western still maintain the franchise on the line at this point. 

October 2014

GWR "Castle" class no 5043 "Earl of Mount Edgcumbe"runs through Evesham with a steam tour [Photo].

November 2014

LNER A4 class no. 60009 "Union of South Africa" runs through Evesham with a steam tour [Photo].

Designs for the proposed Worcester(shire) Parkway station are unveiled.   The cost is estimated at 17 million with construction possibly starting at the end of 2015, with a view to opening the station in May 2017.

December 2014

Proposals are put forward to re-double the line west of Evesham, possibly starting in 2019, subject to funding being found for the project (whether this includes the remaining section from Charlbury to Oxford is not clear at this time).

January 2015

Series 6 of Michael Portillo's "Great Railway Journeys" sees him travelling the Cotswold Line eastbound, making a stop at Moreton-in-the-Marsh.

February 2015

GWR "Hall" Class no. 4965 "Rood Ashton Hall" runs through Evesham twice with steam tour (initially planned as a circular tour from Tysley-Worcester-Oxford-Banbury-Tysley, the tour is rerouted back via its outbound route due to a landslip near Warwick).  

Issues occur between Worcestershire County Council and Norton Developments, who control the land proposed for the site of Worcestershire Parkway Station, over the proposed plans for the station.   The development company feels that it can build the station at a lesser cost to the taxpayer than the council can. 

November 2015

4965 makes another appearance in Evesham with the "Oxfordshire Explorer" steam tour [Photo].

February 2016

New build LNER A1 class no. 60163 "Tornado" passes through Evesham with the "Red Rose" steam tour [Photo]. 

April 2016

Plans are unveiled to add 200 more car parking spaces at Pershore station, along with provisions for possible redoubling of the line at this point.

July 2016

LMS "Jubilee" class no. 45699 "Galatea" passes through Evesham with the "Cotswold Venturer" steam tour [Photo].

October 2016

LMS "Princess Royal" class no. 6201 "Princess Elizabeth" passes through Evesham with the "Cathedrals Express" steam tour [Photo].

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Moreton-in-the-Marsh to Worcester Shrub Hill
Timeline Part 3 : 2012 - Present